Unless someday some recording or official minutes of the meeting are leaked, we will never know how much Presidents Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Joe Biden talked about yesterday in the White House.

After their meeting, the two participated alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the North American Leaders Summit, the ninth since 2005 and the first since 2016.

But, make no mistake, it was the meeting between AMLO and Biden that attracted attention before the Summit took place.

Surely they talked about the energy reform that the first one wants to be approved by a Congress where the opposition parties, humiliated by the way in which Morena and his allies approved the 2022 Expenditure Budget, assure that two thirds of the expenses will never be reached. votes needed to approve it.

Did AMLO tell Biden that he was “supporting the corrupt” when he told him that the reform will affect the interests of US energy companies that have already invested in Mexico or those that want to participate and compete in the lucrative energy market of our country? How did Andrés Manuel defend his proposal after being reminded by Biden that if approved, it would violate various provisions of the T-MEC that was negotiated with one of his representatives present at the negotiations? Did the American explain to the Mexican that the energy reform will affect not only energy companies, but thousands of people who work in them? Did Biden understand the way AMLO understands concepts such as national sovereignty and resources owned by the nation? And did the Mexican ask his counterpart that Mexican companies and workers benefit in any way from the recently approved infrastructure plan?

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Have they both talked about how to end the corruption that exists in both countries that allows the entry of huge amounts of drugs to the United States without major problems and that hundreds of millions of dollars in low-denomination bills enter Mexico that drug traffickers and drug traffickers earn. the weapons used by organized crime gangs? What attitude did the president of Mexico assume when he learned that before his meeting, Biden signed a law that will allow the Department of Justice of his country to prosecute anywhere, within our country included, who are attacked by US agents? Did this news affect the atmosphere in the place of your meeting?

Has Biden explained to AMLO the difficulties he faces in getting his country’s congress to pass his bills to regularize millions of Mexicans living illegally in his country? Has the Mexican understood that, unlike what happens with the Moreno, green and pesista legislators who follow their instructions to the letter, the Biden Democrats often ignore their wishes because they obey their particular interests? Did you understand that Biden faces stronger pressure every day from the Republican opposition who ask him to do something forceful to stop the entry of illegals into the United States?

Ultimately, we will have to settle for a joint statement that will not tell us what they really talked about.

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