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The burgers they are always a reason for dispute at home. One of my companions warns: “The minced meat is not good. Who knows what they put in it.” Another of the cohabitants does not stop eating them. “Why not? It’s minced meat, just as good or bad as what you can put in chicken fillets,” he often refutes. When they told me I had to try the gourmet burgers from Above that can be found in 120 supermarkets in El Corte Inglés (Opencor and Hipercor, included), I thought that reconciliation or the final war could come. I discussed it and we did the experiment.

So far, it’s not every day that you can eat a homemade Goiko burger. From now on, yes. The premium hamburger brand has decided to bring its best products to the supermarket shelves. And it turns out that two of those burgers and the bun had just knocked on the door.

Before we tried them all, the hamburger hater had to be convinced to serve on the jury. “The meat, as in all the stores of the brand, comes from cattle farming 100% Spanish“I read it directly from the Goiko website, even though it also puts it on the label.

I added the extra, because it seemed not to trust yet: “It is seasoned in the style GOIKO, made with the noblest parts of the cow and chopped only once, which makes it one of the highest quality burgers with the best nutritional value on the market. “They are handcrafted.

Nothing, he still didn’t trust. She had to check it herself by looking for information online. Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen and explained that the hamburgers were already in the supermarkets mentioned above, but the pan arrives today wednesday February 24th to the linear ones.

To talk a bit about bread, it should be noted that contains sourdough. It is rare in the world of hamburgers. However, it adds a touch of added value to the product, even though it cannot be classified as sourdough bread.

A package had arrived at home with two hamburgers weighing 150 grams each and another with the bread.

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Cooking and pairing

Making food has never been my strong suit, although eating has. I never thought that to do a report I would have to cook and brood a recipe. A good friend already told me: “Never say never in this trade.” But I admit that I did ‘cheat’. I scanned the QR code that came in the package and, far from breaking my head to think, I entered Here come all the recipes that we can make.

La Plaónica, La Eva, La Vito Corleone, La M-30 and La Chingona. Those are the five recipes he had on the table and, ahead, two hamburgers. The Eva It was the one that convinced me the most, especially because of the final result. In my way and style, without too many flourishes -and of course without nailing the final result-, I tried to finish the plate. I made the other to taste, with fried egg, cheese and peppers. Similar, but not the same.

I cut up the veggies, the goat cheese, and set it all ready while the burgers were tempering. The recommendation is 30 minutes. I also prepared a small bowl of baked potatoes. In the segment style, for making my private jury believe that we were in the restaurant.

As a lover of good wine, to pair, I opened a sherry. With meats, the most chosen sherries are usually THEloroso or Palo Cortados. I had at home a bottle of Regente (Palo Cortado) that I did not hesitate to open. These wines enhance the flavor of the meat a lot, so I usually use them with almost everything, not just hamburgers.

Once the meat was tempered, I put it on the pan. They recommend that you do not put oil, although it all depends on the pan we have at home. We do not want problems, so if it is the one that sticks and there is no other remedy, put a little oil on it. Of course, no seasoning, which is already well served and Goiko style.

Three minutes on each side allow us to do it in full. It was to the point – notice in case someone prefers it more done-. Now it only remained to plate and taste.

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Excuse me. First of all, one last step: brown the bread for 30 seconds in the pan. Now everything would be ready.

Taste and presentation

At the first bite you realize that the burger is ‘gourmet’. It is not the typical finished product that we can find in supermarkets. You are eating a plate of Goiko homemade.

It is tasty and could be taken without any accompaniment. My celiac friend came to mind then. In the restaurant you can try it, with vegan bread; at home you can too. The burgers are without gluten. The bread, obviously, is not suitable for those intolerant to this cereal.

It is a compact meat and beef. Meanwhile, the bread has a touch of sweetness that adds a lot to the dish. Regarding it, I would like to emphasize that it does not fall apart. It is something common in other breads. Here they have fulfilled what they said: A ‘burger’ without a bread as God intended is not a ‘burger’!


Mis diners, meanwhile, they divided opinions. She, who does not like hamburgers, was convinced by the taste. “It is very good, the truth. It is beef,” he said. That does not mean that he prefers a good rack. He, for his part, was amazed and went to look at the price. 6.69 euros. “It’s not bad at all for the good meat that it is,” he commented.

As for myself, I am left with the words of Rodrigo Zapata, director of Growth and leader of Goikocina: “More than one has discovered his side of pandemic kitchens and, without a doubt, things change when the ingredients with which you cook are of the highest quality and the recipes are brought to you by those who dominate the stove. With this meat and this bread, they will surpass themselves! “. If the jury had been my mother, the result of the cooking by a server is not believed.

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