We talk, we talk, but what are we really doing for the environment?

In all the forums, to the question “what are the current issues?” », citizens, politicians, media, meteorologists, companies inevitably recite: the environment and climate change. Think of the two recent election campaigns, the disappointing COP26 in 2021, and the many thundering pro-environment demonstrations.

But these unanimous questions are nevertheless tinged with a hypocrisy reminiscent of that associated with the great religions. Everyone knows its precepts and repeats them over and over again. But from there to actually implementing them or acting in accordance with them, there is a long way to go. Let’s call it the environmental centers. We’ve been talking about it and letting ourselves be told about it for years and years.

Indeed, if it is crucial to act to protect the environment and fight against global warming, the fact remains that the results in this area are and remain absolutely disastrous.

What eco-anxiety?

Young people, who are said to be particularly affected by eco-anxiety, have no intention of giving up their cell phones (and their lithium batteries) and turn a blind eye to these monstrous data centers (just like the rest of the population) which are its corollary. Because there is absolutely nothing ecological about the famous computing “cloud”.

And what about all that useless recycling piling up somewhere? A devastating report by the BAPE on this subject has just been unveiled: the extent of the failure is such that new landfill sites will have to be created! For example, shopping mall food courts and their inconsistent sorting systems. Who still believes that these are useful measures that have a real impact?

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On our roads, the dominance of SUVs and pickups is undeniable. It must be said that the automotive industry has not skimped on their marketing: all these pretty animals of the forest amazed in front of the powerful vehicles… And the trips in the South or elsewhere on the planet, without forgetting those to go in Glasgow, have only declined due to the pandemic.

Pitiful also the GHG reduction targets announced for decades. And never reached. This has not recently prevented various political parties from engaging in outlandish bidding aimed at targets, so many empty words in the air.

A powerful, far from holy trinity seems to cripple all efforts in the environmental fight: individualism, consumerism and supposedly green marketing.


Apocalyptic threats and predictions don’t actually seem to have any influence on behaviors. Could they rather have the effect of anesthetizing the population? “Bah, if the end of the world is so close, why deprive yourself? I have the dua! “. Chanting slogans and holding up pro-environment signs or wearing a “Save the planet” t-shirt is useless, except to give yourself a posture.

We must restore a minimum of accountability to all environmental plans: provincial, federal, municipal and citizen. We can no longer hide behind empty words. Concrete measures must be demanded and implemented. We must end the environmental centers. Stop telling stories and let yourself be told.

Melissa Anctil
Translator and children’s author


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