We reveal who the university professor was who told Letizia: “Ortiz, he has no rival”

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For the first time in years, Queen Letizia (48 years) left the crown at the door of an official ceremony and delivered a speech as close as it was rigorous, as formal as it was human. It happened this past Tuesday, September 14, in the assembly hall of the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. There, the sovereign was also named an honorary student.

Of the four minutes of monologue real, where the jewels did not fit to pass, but the nostalgia of that young “inquisitive”, highlighted an anecdote. A professor who taught him in a journalism room, almost shouted at him: “Ortiz! Look, Ortiz, I don’t know what your life is going to be like, but of course it’s heavy – she was referring to questions, curiosity – there is no rival there,” said the wife of Felipe VI (53).

Since the Queen revealed that personal story, knowing the identity of the teacher has been one of the most recurrent questions these days. None of the people consulted by THE SPANISH he has the ability to remember, 27 years later, such a specific, personal anecdote. However, after conversation with several of Letizia’s classmates, all voices point to the professor Fermín Bouza Álvarez as a co-star of this story.

Speech by Queen Letizia at the Commemorative Act of the 50 years of the Faculty of Journalism of the Complutense University

Leti did not want to say his name surely out of respect, since that man passed away. He was Fermín Bouza Álvarez, professor of Sociology and professor of Public Opinion in the Journalism room. It was one machine, the typical teacher that everyone adored. Leti’s relationship with him was very special, he helped her a lot. It inspired her, “says a colleague of Letizia -which continues to call her Leti-, with which he shared classroom 501, “the class of the posh”, they murmured through the corridors as a joke as a wink to the very dear jeans from Levi’s. This colleague, now a journalist for a paper newspaper, remembers the Queen as “a very intelligent girl, with very clear ideas, self-confident, talkative and feminist when before no one heard about feminism.”

The professor who marked a Queen

Fermin Bouza He was a man with a large complexion, red hair and a deep voice. He died five years ago. Passionate about sociology, philosophy, psychology. This Galician, specifically from Compostela, lived the spring of 1968 with fervor. He was an activist and was deeply committed against the dictatorship. He was the teacher everyone looked up to, the tutor everyone loved.

The affection of all the students is also remembered by his wife, Carmen Pena Lopez, researcher and professor of Theory and History of Contemporary Art at the Complutense University of Madrid. In a pleasant chat with this medium, Carmen affirms that her husband, who died in October 2016, was a reference for Letizia, someone who helped her during her academic years and in her early jobs.

Sure enough, it could be him. Sure it could be him. He had a direct relationship with her as a student. Especially in the doctorate, that’s where Fermín always told me about Letizia, the girl who asked a lot. She admired him, but not only her, it is that Fermín was always the number one of the most popular and beloved professors of the Faculty in the surveys that were made, “he points out.

Queen Letizia, excited to return this past Tuesday to what was her faculty.

Queen Letizia, excited to return this past Tuesday to what was her faculty.


A Carmen Pena Lopez Her voice breaks with emotion and shy laughter escapes when she remembers her husband. “Fermín had a very humanistic culture. He was a sociologist, philosopher and psychologist and had begun to study Physics. He had a very plural training and did very good analyzes, especially of public opinion and voting intention. He always got the election results right. ‘But how can it be!’ “Letizia saw in him a brilliant person and she, who is also brilliant, came to learn”.

Bouza’s widow recalls how her husband spoke of her at home. “She was very clever, very intelligent, very curious. He wrote cover letters to be hired. He entered an EFE Agency contest and Fermín wrote one of those letters of introduction. They gave him the job. From there he went to Bloomberg and then to television, “adds Pena. Such was Letizia’s gratitude and the great connection between the two that even Fermín and Carmen were invited to the royal wedding on May 22, 2004, ten years after he taught her.

The royal wedding

Carmen Pena López, wife of Fermín Bouza, at the royal wedding of Prince Felipe de Borbón with Letizia Ortiz in May 2004.

Carmen Pena López, wife of Fermín Bouza, at the royal wedding of Prince Felipe de Borbón with Letizia Ortiz in May 2004.



Carmen Pena he remembers the wedding day of the then princes, Felipe and Letizia, as an intense, tiring, exhausting day. They woke up at six in the morning to get ready and go to Paseo de Pintor Rosales, where they were picked up by a bus, like most of the out-of-the-universe guests. royal.

“Of course we went to the wedding. At her suggestion, of course, because we did not know the Royal Family. My husband worked with the radio on. I was amazed that he concentrated on that background noise. Suddenly, they announced the engagement of the Prince Felipe with Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano and stayed flash. He told me: ‘Let Ortiz marry the prince!’. Letizia called him and told him that we were invited. We did not count on them to focus on us, but when we entered the church we had to go right behind Luis del Olmo and his wife. We appear on all televisions. The whole neighborhood found out! He told the story of the wedding so many times that he ended up writing it so that they would not ask him more. Ah! And on the bus we coincide with Miguel Bosé “.

Mentor and student

Fermín and Letizia They had a special bond of mutual admiration that later became friendship. Every Christmas his favorite teacher received a christmas From the palace and when Leonor was born, as there was still a relationship between them, Fermín, with the help of his wife, planned the most special gift for the Princess of Asturias. “The best side of my husband was that of a poet. ‘What do we give the girl? To the princess! We can’t give you some booties!‘”Pena exclaimed.” It occurred to me that I would write her some lullabies, some poetry. He did two: one in Galician and one in Spanish. He made them poster size and I framed them. We sent them to the palace and we received a letter where Letizia personally appreciates the originality of the gift. “

Their bond remained intact until the then Princess of Asturias found out that his teacher had in his possession an exercise in which she, as an internship, did an interview. Things in life, that fictitious interview was from Letizia to the king Juan Carlos (83). Fermín promised him that this work would never see the light of day. He gave his word. Shortly before her death, Bouza could never find that simulated document of the young journalist Letizia Ortiz again.

The clay vase that Letizia gave to Fermín Bouza when she finished her scholarship at the Department of Sociology of Public Opinion.

The clay vase that Letizia gave to Fermín Bouza when she finished her scholarship at the Department of Sociology of Public Opinion.



“He had the library flooded and he didn’t give up anything. That interview disappeared. There are other things of less importance, but not that interview. In the midst of this rush of papers, of movement … I don’t know, but she wanted him to give it back. It was the moment when the media were crushing her. Fermín told him ‘I’m not going to take it out, I’m going to encrypt it’. Perhaps that was the cause of his estrangement. A long time passed, but everything was diluted, the distance … And it was increasingly difficult to access it … logical. The interview did not contain anything compromising. It was just an interview of a normal girl, with enough critical capacity, to the King. “

In addition to the collection of memories and some confidentiality that Carmen has chosen to keep by discretion, the professor keeps a personal gift that Letizia left for Fermín in the Department of Sociology of Public Opinion. A handmade clay vase, made by her, with some dried flowers.

Fermín, about Letizia

Professor Fermín Bouza.

Professor Fermín Bouza.


One of the few times that Fermin Bouza ruled on Letizia was in the book Letizia. The impatient queen What does it mean to be queen in the 21st century?by Leonardo Foccia. The professor made a somewhat vulnerable portrait of the seemingly always cold Letizia. “Letizia saw that everything was thrown at her and he had a very bad time with the separation of his parents“he declared.

Although she underlined, like the rest of the people who have treated her, her professionalism and perfectionism. “She walked between books. She didn’t read them all, but she quoted them. The illustrated world stirred her up. It is the world she appreciates the most. She wanted to be a little ahead of the rest of the students. I asked her to exercise her self-knowledge and gave me a fantastic story. She was hungry to know“, he claimed Fermin Bouza.

With a certain tone of sadness, like that of the girl whose favorite toy is taken away, like that of the woman who is deprived of her vocation in life, Letizia He expressed this Tuesday in his most revealing speech in the assembly hall of the Complutense that “curiosity does not go away”, but that now he does not count the answers they give him. Letizia is now the Queen, guardian of own privacy and that of others. And his teacher, his tutor, his reference, Fermín, always corresponded to him in the same way. Until the last breath.

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