We Have Other Data Network requests issuance of gender violence alert

Because in Mexico 20 women are murdered daily, the Network We Have Other Data It formally requested the federal government to issue the declaration of alert of gender violence against women in the national territory.

From the Senate Chamber, the feminist Patricia Olamendi affirmed that she lies Rosa Icela Rodriguez, secretary of Public security, when he says that feminicides have decreased since what has decreased is the classification of murders of women as feminicide.

“Until today and so far since 2020 and 2021, which is the data that we have collected and that we have called a national emergency due to the exacerbated increase in violence against women, we passed 2018, from having 9 women murdered, by 2021 of having 20 women murdered a day. These data are derived from the same information from the Executive Secretariat of the Public Security System. ”

The press conference in which a group of activists from different organizations in defense of women announced the application submitted to Adam Augusto López Hernández, Secretary of the Interior, was sponsored by Senator Kenia Lopez (PAN), president of the Human Rights Commission of the upper house.

According to Olamendi, only 701 murders are classified as femicide, out of a total of 5,247 registered until last September, and the rest as intentional and culpable homicides.

“174 women are brutally injured by gunshot wounds, stab wounds, trauma and injuries. None of these cases have obtained justice. 605 women daily denounce the violence they are subjected to within their homes. Last year there were 220 thousand complaints. All were left in impunity. 45 women and girls are raped daily. Rape is the crime that has grown the most, if we understand that only two out of 100 sexually raped women report it, ” he said.

And she regretted that, in the face of such a “scenario, the only thing that women find in response to the State is omission, negligence and impunity.”

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