We continue to pinion, by Valeria Milara

Rush. How we have laughed in my house with an anecdote about a countrywoman from the town who passed my mother on the subway and, just at that moment, there was a free seat and my mother told her to sit down and the other answered no. Because she was in a hurry. As if I were going to arrive before standing up than sitting down. We are going to pinion and we do not advance anything. To me, when they tell me the fashionable expression of “life doesn’t give me” it gives me hives. I don’t know what existence they speak of. Whether yours or the one you think should be worn because it is fashionable to get to everything and be the best in everything and have a very cute house, preferably Nordic style, even if you live in Plasencia or Almuñécar, two places that I have chosen randomly.

I am more than what my grandmother used to say “You can’t get to everything”, which is what life is. Where frustration exists. And that despite the fact that we have not yet come out of this damn virus, we are facing a war and we finish the planet, we keep running and accepting nothing. Some do not even tolerate the virtue, always virtue, of sensitivity. There are people who have gone through the pandemic and others who have gone through the pandemic. And these people are the ones who suffer from the so-called stress post-traumatic. A phenomenon that is now beginning to be taken more into account, at the level of professional care.

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Some people keep running to avoid standing still and feeling. They haven’t even slowed down and others have stopped. And if you stop, you think. And there are those who hurt. And a lot. But at least they rethink if they want to continue doing the same. They don’t want to be moved by inertia. Some have not seen the reaper up close and I think you don’t even have to smell it to realize that there is only one life and that you have to live it as you are. We are in a more expensive society than ever. Where everything is idyllic, perfect and not even this nuclear bomb that has fallen on us, which has been the coronavirus, is going to make us go off the rails. That’s why deniers exist. Because living slowly and being aware of our actions hurts. That’s why you run when you step on the coals, so as not to burn yourself. But running and running is not the solution, because if you run, you are fleeing from something.

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