‘We can’t let Ukraine down,’ Trudeau tells European Parliament

Addressing the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday for the second time since taking office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged his allies to continue their effort to isolate Russia and come to the aid of Ukraine.

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“We cannot let Ukraine down. They are counting on us. So let’s use all the tools at our disposal,” said the Prime Minister, just hours after his arrival in the capital of the European Union.

He condemned the “criminal invasion” of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin, which he said risks threatening the world order as established during the second half of the 20th century.

“Today, these rules and institutions are openly threatened. Vladimir Putin has violated the most fundamental precepts of international law. And it is now killing innocent civilians by bombing hospitals and residential buildings,” he said.

“This blatant disregard for law and human life poses an immense threat to Europe and to the entire world.”

In his nearly 20-minute address, Trudeau painted a bleak view of the world to come, after years marked by a pandemic that claimed millions of lives and a recession that cost millions of jobs.

Faced with the challenges facing Western democracies, including climate change and misinformation, “we cannot fail. We have to rise to the occasion,” he said.

He assured that “Europeans, including Eastern Europeans, can count on the friendship and full support of Canada”.

Justin Trudeau, who has described himself as ‘one of the oldest sitting progressive leaders’, urged MEPs to do everything in their power to combat the ‘rise of cynical populists’ who ‘claim to have easy solutions for play with people’s fear.

Justin Trudeau’s first address to the European Parliament dated back to 2017, two years after he came to power, the year in which current French President Emmanuel Macron was elected.

The Prime Minister’s return to Canada is scheduled for Friday. Until then, a NATO summit and a meeting of the G7 countries are on the agenda.

US President Joe Biden is also due to attend the NATO summit. This will be his first trip across the Atlantic since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine a month ago.


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