‘We are very happy everyone supports us’: communities come together to stand with Ukraine

The Stand with Ukraine Benefit was held at the Performing Arts Center in Regina on Sunday and all proceeds went towards supporting refugees.

Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian communities held the event.

Terry Kuzyk is the president for the Ukrainian Congress for the Regina branch and said when Ukrainians arrive in Canada, there are a lot of support options for them.

“When displaced Ukrainians arrive to Regina, they’re overwhelmed by the support we have.” Said Kuzyk. “Those (Ukrainians) come here with nothing and we have furnished apartments for them and food.”

The Tanasiichuk family fled Ukraine 2 months ago as Russia invaded their hometown of kyiv.

Now the family has settled into Regina thanks to the Ukrainian community.

“We are very happy everyone supports us,” said Oasana Tanasiichuk.

Daniel Snela is the President for the Polish Ensemble Folk Dance and said working together in the community is encouraging for everyone involved.

“We work together and we want to help the immigrating families here to settle in and become part of Saskatchewan communities,” said Snela.

The various communities took part in the day dancing with children of all ages.

“The dancers here, whether it’s in the Ukrainian dancers or polish dancers, they understand the politics, but this is how they show their support by dancing,” said Kuzyk.

This is the support that the Tanasiichuk family needed as they embark on a new journey in Saskatchewan.

“It’s huge. It’s huge support, from everyone in the Ukrainian community… and other people who helped us,” said Oasana Tanasiichuk.

Now the Tanasiichuk family is adapting to life in Regina including signing their children up to dance in the benefit.

“My children are happy to be a part of this band and support all the people in Ukraine,” said Oasana Tanasiichuk.

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