“We are not going to abolish prostitution until we manage to stop pornography”

– What do you think the legal proposal presented in Spain to abolish prostitution?

In order to abolish prostitution, what needs to be done is to criminalize, in the first place, paying for having sex with a woman. Second, the role of pimps, and third, providing an exit strategy for prostituted women. It is a strategy that has three legs, all three are equally important to achieve abolition. In any case, I consider the Spanish proposal to be a good first step and I fully support it.

– The feminist movement and the parties of the left reproach the PSOE that his proposal lacks one of the legs: to provide an outlet for women.

I agree that these measures are necessary, but I do not think that they can be an excuse not to support this law. First, the law would have to be passed and then the work should continue to provide aid to women, which must include aid for child care, to get rid of addictions, psychological support, housing, and it must be flexible and individual measures, because The same measures will not serve the same for all women, nor will they serve the same woman the same at different points in her life.

– Irish law, what characteristics does it have?

The Irish law, which was passed in 2017, does cover all three branches but we already had services in place to get prostitutes out before we started campaigning for the criminalization of those who pay for sex and pimps. We have made a lot of progress but we still need to work on the websites that allow these people to continue to operate freely because they are hosted overseas and Irish law cannot disable them. In this aspect, we still have to work. But I want to point out that there has been a profound change in the perception of the Irish public, now the majority of Irish people support the abolitionist law.

– Have you managed to end prostitution in Ireland?

We would be very naive if we thought that prostitution can be abolished in half a decade when it has existed for thousands of years. What we have done is take a very important step forward and we are beginning to see the green shoots; but you cannot expect to abolish prostitution in five years.

“The lack of measures to help women cannot be an excuse for not supporting the law”

– Has the social perception towards prostitution changed? Is it now rejected that the celebration of a bachelor party ends up in a brothel?

There has been a change in social perception, according to surveys. If we look at Sweden, as the country most advanced in abolition, there is already a generation of young men who have grown up with the idea that prostitution is ‘not cool’, so we think that in 20 years we will have a generation of young Irish people who think the same.

– The detractors of the Spanish reform, point out that it will harm women who prostitute themselves voluntarily. What do you think?

What I would like to know is where were all those women who voluntarily prostitute themselves when I worked. Because, in seven years, in which I worked in three different cities and in a score of brothels, I did not know a single woman who had chosen prostitution having other possible options. This is very important, because we talk about choosing but not about options and there is a big difference. If we don’t start talking about opportunities, we can’t talk about choice.

– How did you start in prostitution, what were those years like and how did you get out?

I got into prostitution because as a teenager I was homeless. At the age of 14, I left home to escape the mental problems of my mother, who had schizophrenia. My father committed suicide and that caused my mother many psychological problems, she had many crises, she became violent and normally that violence was directed at me, that’s why she had to leave my house. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation among prostituted women, many are in the care of the administrations when they are 13, 14 and 15 years old and end up in prostitution. In fact, I met many young women that I had met in residences and in social services practicing. And I managed to get out of prostitution because I was very lucky and because I live in a country with free education and that’s what helped me.

“Men, from puberty, have access to pornography through their mobiles and that is terrifying”

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– Why is it so difficult to abolish prostitution?

On the one hand, because of the sexual egoism of men and, on the other hand, because today pornography and prostitution have become inseparable. The porn industry is increasing the sex industry and trade. We are beginning to normalize the conception of women and girls as pieces of meat that can be used and then thrown away. Men, since puberty, have access to pornography through their mobile phones and that is terrifying. We are not going to be able to abolish prostitution until we stop the engine that feeds it: pornography.

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