Repetition pedagogy in politics is to revisit the same arguments until the audience accepts them. The audience in question is American public opinion. The pedagogue, severe and determined, is their president.

Joe Biden delivered a new solemn address on Tuesday, August 31, the day after the last soldiers left Afghanistan. His long speech was intended as a response to the many criticisms leveled at his administration – not just from the Republican benches – about the conduct of the evacuation since mid-August and the seizure of power by the Taliban. More broadly, Joe Biden wanted to mark the end of this long-term commitment, in the name of “American interests”, which dictate to put an end to military adventurism and missionary fevers.

“This decision on Afghanistan is not just about Afghanistan, summed up the US president. It is about putting an end to an era of major military operations in order to redesign other countries. ” Joe Biden cited, among the challenges of the XXIe century, rivalry with China, sticking points with Russia, cyberattacks and nuclear proliferation. However, according to him, the effort in the fight against Islamist terrorism is not going to diminish a tone. Speaking to Islamic State in Khorassan (EI-K), the Afghan ISIS franchise, Joe Biden worded: “We’re not done with you. “ This group is responsible for the August 27 attack at Kabul airport, which claimed the lives of more than 100 Afghans and thirteen American soldiers.

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“We must learn from our mistakes”, said the American president, citing two necessities: defining achievable objectives, in the event of a military operation; and remain focused on the fundamental security interests of the country. “We are a nation at war for too long”, explained Joe Biden, who believes that the “Strategy must change too”, in the face of changes in the terrorist threat, not requiring a permanent military presence.

“I was not going to prolong this eternal war”

The American president wished to underline the “Extraordinary success” that, according to him, represents the seventeen-day airlift, set up with dozens of countries to evacuate American citizens and part of the Afghans. He also dismissed criticism of the lack of anticipation of the evacuation. If it had been driven as early as June or July, “ there would have been an influx to the airport anyway and a collapse of government confidence and control ”, he asserted.

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