Ways of understanding the legacy of Xavier Folch, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

There are unforgettable calls, when the asepsis of the phone turns into a cry muffled by distance, but no less cracked. I remember three: that of my brothers, when my father died; that of a friend, in the death of Modest Prats; and that of Xavier Folch, on Saint John’s Day last year. Nine months later, a book is published reviews the human and intellectual trajectory of Xavier Folch, the man who was always there and who made us, many of us. I want to say that his presence was constant, discreet and effective, in the world in which we live (you only have to turn to the index of names to get an idea) and that he helped to birth and train another generation of writers. These ‘Materials for a biography’ collect some of the texts he wrote, scattered and difficult to find until now. In one of the last ones (perhaps the last one, in February 2020), he talked about Modest Prats and wrote: “We are still a defeated country. If we are able to save the future, it will be thanks to people like him.” I don’t know if we will know. We live in the Gramscian pessimism of intelligence that people like Folch confronted with the optimistic will that we miss so much now.

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