Was your cellphone stolen in Barcelona? The Mossos find 120 terminals in an apartment in the Raval

¿Ty han cellphone stolen in Barcelona? The Mossos demolished a house in the Raval neighborhood with over a hundred stolen terminals and they continue to give it back. As they explained in a note this Thursday, they arrested a 20-year-old man, a 38-year-old man and a minor on January 30 for this.

The incident dates back to that Sunday, January 30, around 7:30 p.m., when agents in civilian clothes had to go to the portal of a building in the Raval neighborhood where there were three young people – who did not know each other – and who were victims. wash. of three thefts from their respective cell phones. Through the device tracker at three the same place appears.

Sale of stolen terminals

At the same time, and while making arrangements in place, the Mossos tracked down a man who had arrived at the same portal and who when he received a call, he entered the building. After identifying him, they found him in the search. five high-end cell phones, three of them wrapped in aluminum foil inside the underpants. The man told the agents that he had stolen them the night before and that he was going to an apartment where I used to sell them.

From there, agents began making efforts to find out the possible point of purchase of illegally obtained cell phones.

With the permission of the owner, they entered the apartment and identified several people inside. They specifically identified a man who, seeing the agents’ presence, quickly hid under a bench more than 3,800 euros in cash.


In the man’s room, they found a laptop and about 70 cellphones on a mattress that was allegedly stolen, a of which twenty have been previously exposed. It is so that in those who were not stolen, they missed their SIM cards, or there were, for example, wallpaper images of people allegedly strange what they most likely did tourism in the city and that they were totally foreign to the family who lived at that address. After the discovery, the agents collected all the devices to continue their investigations.

Given these facts and the evidence gathered, the agents arrested a man and a minor who lived in the property as alleged perpetrators of a receipt crime.

the freedom

The Mossos asked the judicial authority for an order to enter and search the property after they suspected it can find more electronic devices and various information from neighbors of the farm who pointed out that it is common for people to go to that address, either to sell the stolen phones or to verify the location of the tracker of their stolen phone gave them that exact point.

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On Monday, January 31, the entry was carried out with the result that more than 50 more mobile phones were seized, which increased the number of terminals allegedly stolen to more than 120. At this time a dozen terminals have already been returned and police efforts continue to return all possible devices to their rightful owners.

The two who were arrested for a crime of receipt went to court on February 2 and the judge ordered his release. The third detainee who was investigated for a crime of theft was released into police facilities to testify later before the judicial authority.


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