Warschewski bicycle kick goal leads FC Edmonton to draw with Valor FC

FC Edmonton squeaked out a tie in their season opener against Winnipeg’s Valor FC with a last-minute goal in stoppage time.

The teams split the points Sunday afternoon after Tobias Warschewski’s bicycle kick pounded an equalizer for the Eddies in the match’s waning seconds.

Valor took control of the game early, with 11 first-half shots. At the final kick in the first half, right-back Andy Baquero managed to bury a low shot from a distance for Winnipeg to take the lead.

The Eddies found their stride in the second half, with a charge led by Julian Ulbricht, whose header just missed the outside of the next in the 59th minute of play.

In the 70th minute, a cross from midfielder Azriel Gonzalez connected with Ulbricht, who attempted another header that missed the net.

“We shouldn’t have even gotten into that chance when that cross came in,” said Stefan Cebara, Valor FC defender, with regards to the equalizer.

The match felt like a loss to him, saying Value controlled most of the game.

Alan Koch, FC Edmonton coach, said he was pleased with the result and that Warschewski’s “world-class goal” could probably go down as the goal of the season.

“I am very, very happy for Toby, for the guys, they kept pushing,” Koch said. “They kept going until the end.

“It gives us as a collective group something to feel as we prepare for the next week.”

Warschewski said it was an incredible goal to cap off a “tough first game.”

“It was difficult for us,” he said. “Everybody works incredibly hard. We have a competitive team right now, and I’m happy to be here.”

Postmatch, Warschewski was named the CanPL.ca Player of the Match for his cinematic goal and team-high 58 touches, nine duel wins, and 11 dribbles.

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