War in Ukraine, day 709 | ICJ may hear case over Ukraine invasion

(The Hague and Kyiv) The UN’s highest court said Friday it has jurisdiction to rule on most aspects of a case brought by Ukraine over Russia’s 2022 invasion, with Kyiv demanding repairs.

Ukraine filed the case against Russia at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which sits in The Hague, just days after the invasion began.

Russian President Vladimir Putin partly justified the invasion with accusations of “genocide” orchestrated by Kyiv in the Russian-speaking east of Ukraine.

Ukraine filed a petition with the ICJ, categorically denying the accusations and arguing that Russia’s use of “genocide” as a pretext for an invasion contravened the 1948 UN Genocide Convention. .

In a preliminary ruling issued in March 2022, the ICJ sided with Ukraine and called on Russia to immediately end its invasion.

But Russia opposed the ruling, saying the ICJ, which decides disputes between states, had no legitimacy to judge the case.

The ICJ rejected Moscow’s argument on Friday, saying it had jurisdiction to rule on the issue.

However, Ukraine also stated in its petition that the Russian invasion itself constituted a violation of the Genocide Convention. The ICJ said it did not have jurisdiction to rule on this part of the case.

More than 40,000 people without power after nighttime Russian attack

Several tens of thousands of Ukrainians were without power Friday morning in central and northeastern Ukraine after a new Russian drone attack in the middle of the night.


Ukraine faces air attacks almost every night, sometimes suffering dozens of missile and drone attacks targeting urban centers.

The Air Force said it was able to shoot down 11 of the 24 Iranian-designed Shahed explosive drones launched against the regions of Dnipro and Kirovograd (center), Kherson (south) and Kharkiv (north-east).

In Kryvyi Rig, a drone strike left some 40,000 people without electricity, said the governor of the Dnipro region Serguii Lyssak.

In the Kharkiv region, Governor Oleg Synegoubov also reported nighttime attacks by drones, rockets and artillery, indicating that 64 localities in the region were without electricity, without specifying at this stage how many residents this concerned.

Ukraine faces air attacks almost every night, sometimes suffering dozens of missile and drone attacks targeting urban centers.

For months, Ukrainian forces have responded by launching their own drones and missiles against Russia, sometimes also causing civilian deaths.

The Russian border region of Belgorod is particularly targeted.

On Friday, its governor, Viatcheslav Gladkov, assured that 20 Ukrainian drones had targeted the region the day before, limiting himself to saying that these attacks had caused almost no “victims” or “damage”, apart from a “damaged power line “.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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