War in Ukraine: a contingent of 120 soldiers from Valcartier sent to Europe

The Canadian Forces have confirmed the dispatch to Europe of a contingent of 120 soldiers from the 5and Valcartier base light artillery regiment in response to the situation in Ukraine.

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The soldiers will be deployed over the next 30 days to support a battery of M777 artillery guns with forward observers, the Newspaper a public affairs spokesperson by email.

Canada has unequivocally condemned Russia’s attacks in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister also announced that Canada will make other military contributions to support North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) operations.

Canada will contribute up to 460 additional soldiers, who will join the approximately 800 soldiers currently deployed in Europe to support NATO.

In addition, approximately 3,400 members of the Canadian Armed Forces are authorized to deploy as part of the NATO Response Force should the Organization need them.

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