War crimes are rarely punished

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague has opened a investigation for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Ukraine. Few convictions are obtained by the ICC and its investigations are endless.

The prosecutor of the court of The Hague has just asked the arrest of three individuals for war crimes committed during the war between Georgia and Russia in 2008.

The “butcher of the Balkans”, the former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevicaccused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, died during the fifth year of his trial without any judgment having been rendered.

On a visit to Poland, Vice-President Kamala Harris said Russia should “absolutely” be investigated for war crimes in Ukraine citing the “atrocities” of bombing civilians. She is absolutely right. But she should keep a little embarrassment.

The United States removes its own citizens and soldiers from the jurisdiction of the International Court in The Hague. The American lesson givers do not want to submit themselves to the rules they lay down for others. If it’s good for Gaddafi, for Assad, for Milosevic and for Putin, why wouldn’t it be good for Bush and company?

American justice has done absolutely nothing to investigate the war crimes of American officials, such as George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, to speak only of the most notorious and recent cases. Barack Obama wanted to turn the page.

Among other things, the Bush administration violated international law when it decided to invade Iraq in 2003. Senior American officials committed war crimes when they ordered the torture of prisoners. The official US policy of “targeted assassinations” by drones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and elsewhere violates the laws of war. Obama did the same when he came to power.

Americans very rarely investigate the war crimes they commit. If ever Americans are brought to justice in the United States for war crimes, they are acquitted or receive insignificant sentences out of all proportion to the monstrosity of the acts committed. That’s when they just aren’t forgiven.

For directing the mass murder of 507 unarmed Vietnamese peasants, including women, babies and the elderly, on March 16, 1968, in My Lai, Vietnam, Lieutenant William Calley was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released after two days of imprisonment by order of President Nixon. American public opinion overwhelmingly supported the mass murderer Calley considered a national hero.

It must be emphasized that American leaders and their henchmen are not the only criminals to get away with it. Think of the monstrous crimes committed under Stalin and under Mao in the name of socialism. Hundreds of millions of human beings were killed in atrocious conditions. However, neither in Moscow nor in Beijing have the old communist torturers/assassins who sank and, in some cases, still sink from the quiet retreats adored by their relatives, been dragged before the courts.

Only a tiny minority of Nazi leaders and operatives were held to account for their appalling crimes. Otherwise hundreds of thousands, even millions of Germans, civilians and soldiers alike, would have been shot. Nazi war criminals who had something to sell, like space technology for Wernher von Braun, got away with it and were even pampered by their former enemies. Von Braun was granted American citizenship.

Other Nazi war criminals joined the CIA and Britain’s SIS where their knowledge of Eastern Europe and Russia, brutally acquired on the job in the Reich’s security organs, was greatly appreciated.


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