Want to save on gas? Try changing the way you drive, say experts

Not happy paying record-breaking prices for gas? There’s no way around it for now, but many drivers could be saving some money just by changing a few small things about how they drive, say experts.

Driving instructor Pierro Hirsch climbed into the seat of a driving simulator to show how keeping a constant speed, and not accelerating too much, saves on fuel.

The goal is not to go needlessly quickly and need to brake constantly, said Hirsch.

“Every time you press on the brake pedal, you’re spending money,” he said.

Others say there’s an uptick in drivers looking for way out entirely.

“People are scrambling to get an electric car, with gas prices going up crazily,” said CLIP — Simon Rioux of the Quebec Electric Vehicle Association.

There’s good news and bad news on that front. COVID-19 slowed manufacturing and supply is years behind demand.

However, Quebec’s supply of EVs is expected to grow since it has new factories opening up.

“Be patient, because you might see a silver lining very soon,” said Rioux.

“There might be a 12-month waiting list for the car that you want. This summer, they might call you and say it’s ready next month.”

The easiest trick of all? Markets suggest the price of gas could fall a little as early as Friday, so it’s likely worth waiting a day or two before trying to fill up again.

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