Wall Street starts a mixed week

The futures of the major Wall Street indices began this week with mixed operations. The only one with a slight increase of 0.10% was the mini Dow Jones Industrial Average, which stood at 34,191 points. The technological NASDAQ mini fell 0.18% to 14,400 points, while the S&P 500 mini lost 0.02% to 4,389 points.

Last week, they piled up sharp declines. The NASDAQ Composite led the declines with a decrease of 7.55%, the S&P 500 lost 5.68% and the Dow Jones lost 4.58 percent.

In turn, international oil prices began to rise this week. The New York Intermediate (WTI)’s barrel rose by 0.42% to $ 85.20, while the North Sea benchmark Brent was at $ 87.24 a barrel, an increase of 0, 18 percent.

Crude oil prices added rises last week. The Mexican export mix was the one that rose the most with a gain of 2.76% to $ 80.52 per barrel. Meanwhile, Brent rose 1.92% and a 1.57% rise for WTI.

The Mexican currency lost ground against the US currency and traded Mexico City time at 17.4675 pesos per dollar on Sunday at 5.30pm, down 0.10% or 1.95 cents. By the previous week, it had accumulated a depreciation of 0.65% or 13.25 cents.

Asian stocks opened lower. The Nikkei 225 in Japan fell 1.06%, while the Kospi in Korea lost 0.35 percent.

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