Wall Street sinks in April and the Nasdaq suffers its worst month since 2008

wall street close the month of april with heavy losses in its three main indicators. The Nasqad, the second largest stock market in USA, it has plummeted 13.3%. Experts attribute the falls to the massive sales that have taken place in the technology sector, such as the purchase of Twitter by tycoon Elon Musk for 41,000 million euros. Other factors in this fall are the rise in interest rates and the high inflation in the North American country, war in ukraine and the shoots of covid in China.

The others stock indices Americans have fared no better this month. On the one hand, the dow jones of Industriales has lost an accumulated 4.9%.

On the other, the S&P 500which represents the largest market in USA and includes many technology companies, falls 8.8%, marking their worst month for both since 1970. Consequently, investors of the New York parquet have thrown away their values ​​en masse to go to assets safer.

earthquake in silicon valley

The sale of Twitter to Musk convulsed the market: shares of the social network have soared 25% on the stock market this month, but Tesla has lost about 20%.

that the matrix of Google Alphabet ‘only’ earned 16,436 million dollars between January and March, 8.3% less than in the same period as 2021 also caused a 5.96% stock crash on Wall Street after knowing the results.

In the monthly computation of the sectors, that of the communications has fallen more than 13% and the technological, 7%. The falls are fattened with Netflixwhich has lost 49% due to the flight of 200,000 subscribers during the first quarter of 2022. Amazon is also one of the victims: 24% has been left behind.

Gloomy growth globally

The macroeconomic data have provided a picture of gloomy growth at a global level, with a contraction of GDP in the US of 1.4% during the quarter of the year, which raises fears of a more serious episode of recession than in 2020.

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The sectors that have resisted are essential goods, which rose 6% accumulated, real estate, with an increase of 4%, and public services, with growth of 1%.

As for oil, the texas barrel It has appreciated almost 5% between strong fluctuations due to the effect on demand of the confinements in China and a possible veto by the European Union to russian oil by ukrainian war.

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