Wall Street opens lower after Fed minutes

The main stock indices in the US market are trading at a loss. Stocks fall in wall street after a mixed opening and outlines its third setback in a row, while investors continue to assimilate the more aggressive stance than the Federal Reserve showed yesterday in his minutes.

The reference index, the S&P 500 of the 500 strongest stations, it loses -0.40% to 4,463.18 units. The dow jones, of 30 industrial giants, yields -0.82% to 34,214.26 units. The Composite Market Index nasdaqwhich has a high technological component, loses -0.45% and stands at the level of 13,826.68 points.

The US market began the session looking for direction, after two days of sales due to the declarations of Fed members about higher rate hikes, which were confirmed in the minutes of their most recent meeting. Traders chose to stay the course of previous sessions.

The minutes of the meeting of March 15 and 16, in which the Fed announced its first rate hike since 2018, showed the support of the Federal Open Market Committee to raise the price of money quickly and with greater increases. The members of the Fed also propose to accelerate the reduction of its balance sheet.

“The great depressor of the stock markets these days is not the Russian invasion, but the more aggressive stance of the Fed. As expected, the minutes of the last meeting showed that the central bank is willing to increase the magnitude of the hike in rates and lower your balance sheet,” eToro noted.

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