Wall Street indices trade mixed; Delta Airlines advance highlights

The main stock indexes of the US market have mixed performances this Thursday. Wall Street, which began the day in positive territory, moderated its movements after a few minutes of trading, one day after knowing US inflation data, high but within expectations.

The index Dow Jones, made up of the shares of 30 industrial giants, rose 0.40% to a level of 36,434.32 units. The reference S&P 500, which brings together the 500 strongest companies in the market, lost -0.10% to 4,721.79 points. The Nasdaq, with a high technology component, loses -0.54% with 15,106.58 units.

Inside the Dow Jones, shares of the aerospace company Boeing lead the rises, with a movement of 3.39%, followed by those of Visa, with 1.90 percent. Losses are led by titles of Salesforce.com, which lost -2.66%, and those of the technological giant Microsoft, with a movement of -1.03 percent.

Among the broadcasters, the progress of Delta Airlines, after publishing a report with earnings higher than expected thanks to the strong demand for vacation travel. Its shares rise 3.47%, although it warned of a loss in the quarter to March due to disruptions caused by the Omicron variant.

“The risk of Covid-19 has not gone away, although it would seem to be affecting hospitalizations less, it does have a very important effect on work absenteeism. The United States has a significant problem with it,” Ben explained in a report. Laidler, Global Strategist for the eToro trading platform.

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