Wall Street indices are mixed after a positive opening

The main stock indexes of the United States show mixed performances this Tuesday, after a positive opening. wall street won, driven by China’s announcement about a relaxation of its controls by Covid-19but that movement lost strength an hour after the opening.

The index S&P 500, made up of the shares of the top 500 companies, is stable at 3,900.06 units. The dow jones, out of 30 industrial giants, gains 0.28% to a level of 31,527.15 units. The nasdaqwith a high technological component, lost -0.59% to 11,456.53 points.

The Chinese government will reduce the duration of quarantines for travelers arriving in its territory, from 21 days in a hotel to seven, plus three days of observation at home, the National Health Commission reported. The announcement supports the expectations of economic recovery among investors.

“In the United States, the stock markets opened in the green. The absence of Covid-19 cases in various Chinese cities favors an economic reopening in the country and stimulates the markets, mainly the travel and tourism sector,” the report said. eToro Markets Analyst Ben Laidler.

However, despite this news, investors are awaiting new information on monetary policy that could emerge from the annual forum of the European Central Bank in Portugal. Above all, they are watching for the involvement of Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

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