Wall Street indices anotan segunda semana de ganancias

The main indices of the stock market of the market market will be closed with weekly quotes this year, in its second positive period through the first price of the year. The index Nasdaq, high technology component, ready to recover good part of its retrieval, supported by Amazon.

The index of the market Nasdaq ended the day with a gain of 1.58% and marked a semantic lead of 2.38% to 14,098.01 points. El S&P 500, market reference, yield 0.52% y a week 1.55% to 4,500.53 points. El Dow Jones cayó -0.06% and accumulated a gain of 1.05% conn 35,089.74 units.

The good quarterly results of Amazon published in this jornada le dieron un impulso a las compraz de technonogicion akions, que fueron golpeadas en ener and que recibiron otro impacto ayer loadradas por un des historische diploma de Meta, the Facebook matrix, tras its debilitated quarterly report.

“If there is a movement that agitates the water, revalues ​​the state and that is usually associated with the actions of cents; , analyst at CMC Markets UK.

On the other hand, Snap’s social networking action company has reported a user increase and increased its prospects for the quarter. Pinterest, also of the same sector, sub- jects its quarterly increments to the estimated figures. Twitter todavía no presenta.

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