The main US stock indices are trading with moderate losses. wall street fell slightly after having recorded strong gains in the two most recent sessions due to progress in the peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine and after the monetary policy announcement of the Federal Reserve.

main index dow jones, which groups the shares of 30 industrial giants, loses -0.15% to 34,013.47 points. The market index nasdaq, with a high technological component, fell -0.12% to 13,420.53 units. The reference S&P 500of 500 shares, moves less than 0.01% to the level of 4,357.79 points.

“The progress in the Ukraine and Russia negotiations does not seem so solid. President Vladimir Putin gave a furious message to his own country threatening those who oppose the invasion. Russian forces seem stopped on all fronts, but the bombing of cities continues,” explained the firm eToro.

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