Wall Street falls after Moderna comments on less effectiveness of vaccines against Omicron

The three main stock indices in the US market are trading at a loss on Tuesday. Wall Street pulls back, due to increased market fear of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Comments from the pharmacist Modern they offer a bleak picture of the effectiveness of vaccines.

The main index Dow Jones, made up of the shares of 30 industrial giants, moves -0.80% to 34,854.45 units. The market benchmark, the index S&P 500 out of 500 values, it falls -0.51% to 4,631.71 points. The Nasdaq, with a high technology component, lost a marginal -0.07% to 15,771.76 units.

The US stock market backs down in reaction to comments from the CEO of Modern, who said that available vaccines are unlikely to be effective against the Omicron variant of Covid-19. The World Health Organization has warned that it carries a high risk of infections.

“The outlook on the Omicron variant is not clear. As a Moderna, Regeneron, who developed one of the first drugs against Covid-19, said that his drug showed signs of less effectiveness against Omicron. The bad news prevails,” said the strategist global firm eToro, Ben Laidler.

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