The main indices of the US stock market had mixed performances on Friday. Earnings in Wall Street focused on technology stocks, but sectors sensitive to the economic cycle fell, due to a renewed fear of confinement, in the face of a rebound in Covid-19 in Europe.

The index Nasdaq, with a high technological component, rose 0.40% to 16,057.44 units, and hit a new record of 16,121.10 points. In contrast, the index Dow Jones, made up of 30 industrial giants, fell -0.75% to 35,601.98 points, and the benchmark S&P 500 out of 500 titles, it lost -0.14% to 4,697.96 units.

Global financial markets reacted after it became known that Austria will be the first Western European country to reimpose a total lockdown to combat a new wave of infections from Covid-19. Germany, Europe’s economic engine, could also enter another confinement.

“A complete shutdown in Germany would be very bad news for the economic recovery,” said Ludovic Colin of Swiss asset manager Vontobel. “It’s just what we saw in July and August this year in parts of the world where Delta was important: (Covid-19) came back and slowed down the recovery again,” he said.

The actions of the tech giant Apple Inc, the largest company by market capitalization, gained 1.70% to $ 160.55. Microsoft Corp, the second largest firm and one of the most benefited by the closings, gained 0.54% to $ 343.11. Meta Platforms it advanced 1.95% to a level of 345.30 dollars.

Investors took refuge in the dollar and at the close, the Dollar Index (DXY), which measures that currency against six reference currencies, was up 0.52% to 96.04 units. The dollar appreciated almost 1% in this, its fourth consecutive week of advances, also among the bets of rate hikes in the United States.

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During the week, the behavior of the US stock indices was also mixed. The Nasdaq gained 1.24%; the S&P 500, 0.32%, and the Dow Jones fell -1.38 percent.

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