Wall Street advances in aggressive aggression by the Fed; energy and bank storage

The main bursary indexes of the state market are operating with banks. Wall street advancement, with the same elevation as results of financial and energy companies sensible in the perspectives of the economy, pesar of the message of aggressive tone that emission the Federal Reserve (Fed).

The main index Dow Jones, composed of shares of 30 industrial giants, moved 0.91% to 34,479.97 units. The reference S&P 500, which aggregates the 500 principal issuers, gaining 0.77% to 4,383.40 points. El Nasdaq, of all technological component, moves 0.28% up to 13,580.48 units.

“The announcement of the Federal Reserve, which anticipated a series of tasks in March during the deadline, calls for the announcement that only the final of the monetary estimates for the same month is anticipated a sale of the assets that were under these years “, said Ben Laidler, strategist at eToro.


Between the issuers, call the report of the investment fund Blackstone, cuyas ganancias distribuibles del quarto quarter quarter aumentaron 55% a un historico maxico, despuy de que provecho elza de los bursátiles marcados para ves actives a meir pricio, informa la kompania. Its action is 7 per cent.

For another part, the report of Mastercard surpasses the expectation of quarterly benefits benefiting from an increase in guest attendance through its tariffs and the increase in cross-border volumes across multiple international routes. The price of the paper of this company is 1.15 per cent.

Among the major emissaries in the technology sector, the actions of Tesla pierden -6.87% after a good quarterly result, with a record performance, because it was run by the announcement that the launch of new models debited problems in the summit’s chain.

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