Wall Street advances driven by tech stocks

The main stock indices of the United States closed with strong gains this Tuesday. Wall Street turned green, fueled by the positive movements of large technology companies, because investors shook off the fear and took advantage of recent drops out of fear of Ómicron.

The index Nasdaq, with a high technology component, led the gains, with a movement of 3.03% to 15,686.92 points. The market reference, the S&P 500 with 500 values, it rose 2.07% to 4,686.75 points. The Dow Jones, made up of the shares of 30 giants, gained 1.40% to 35,719.43 points.

Words from the head of infectious diseases in the United States, Anthony Fauci, gave a new direction to the market, after he reported that preliminary tests indicate that Ómicron would have a higher degree of transmissibility, but could generate a disease with less severe symptoms.

In addition, news has given stability to the appetite for risk. It was noted earlier that British pharmaceutical GSK announced that an antibody-based therapy against Covid-19, still under development together with Vir Biotechnology, has been shown to be effective against all mutations of the new Omicron variant.

Also contributing to the improvement in market sentiment was Intel’s announcement that it plans to launch its Mobileye self-driving vehicle unit next year. The company’s shares closed the day with a 3.10% gain and encouraged investors in the technology sector.

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