Vox’s erratic campaign leaves its entry into the Andalusian Government up in the air

Olona should have been Vox’s main asset in a campaign plagued by controversies that could have boosted Moreno even more

The party will maintain until the end the ordeal of entering the next regional government because after Castilla y León staying out would be a step backwards

”I can’t wait for us to get to San Telmo to get to work”. Macarena Olona took advantage of the message of the final rally of the campaign to continue with her ordeal: intends to govern the Junta de Andalucía if the PP needs their votes.

The deputy was called to be the main asset of the electoral campaign of vox in these regional The commitment to one of its main leaders, reflected in the party, ensured a second coalition government with the PP after the case of Castile and Leon. The campaign was crossed at the start by the controversial registration of the candidate in Salobreña (Granada), a necessary condition to be able to compete in the elections. The readings were diverse: from the penalty for possible fraud to victimization in the event that his candidacy was knocked down.

In the end, neither one thing nor the other. In the campaign, her registration has come up due to reproaches from her political rivals (she assured at the final rally this Friday that she had suffered “racism for being an immigrant from Alicante & rdquor;), but there have been other controversial attitudes those that have captured the attention of his debut as headliner. Just before starting the road to 19-J, the main leaders of Vox repeated: “The only thing we need is not to make mistakes and electoral campaigns usually do us good. We always go up in the campaign & rdquor ;. It may be the first time since the party’s irruption in this same community in 2018 in which the aspirations are cut short. At least, in part.

The harsh tone (and content) of Olona’s first televised debate (denying gender violence or making it clear that there are cultures “that are not respectable”) was one of the turning points of the campaign. the constant use of images and topics (fans, flowers, flamenco dresses and overacting in general) has distanced her, in the eyes of the rest of the formations, from potential voters and has highlighted the idea that she is a “parachutist who does not know the land & rdquor; who aspires to preside.

To the criticism that has been accumulating in these two weeks are added circumstances that have not helped straighten her chances either, such as the crash of a party van that had Olona’s face against another car in Seville, or the disappearance of the candidate in rallies under the excuse that he only starred in them with Santiago Abascal, who was in the Congress of Deputies those days. The presence of Giorgia Meloni in the central act of Marbella, the extreme right-wing leader of Italy.

Also has canceled an interview on one of the main television channels and as this newspaper advanced, he has formally requested the Table of the Lower House to resign from the seat once the elections are over and not before, which undoubtedly fuels suspicions that he might not stay in Andalusia if things don’t go as planned.

“Next Sunday go out to vote with pain, anger and hunger. You no longer have to vote for the least bad option & rdquor ;, challenged Olona asking for support this Friday in Seville.

In the party of Abascal they deny that the campaign went wrongalthough some leaders do acknowledge that at specific moments, such as in the first debate, “overacting” It did not sit well with the candidate, who is not used to those formats. They insist that the polls underestimate their possibilities and that if the PP needs their votes “they will demand to enter the Government.”

But the reality is that the national leader himself has been deflating your training aspirations. “Let’s get 30 deputies or 15, we will not give our votes for free & rdquor ;, he said days ago in one of his interventions with militants. opened the door to a very pessimistic scenario, speaking of fifteen seats, which has never been on the table. The most negative polls for Vox place the party between 16 or 17 seats. In 2018 they got 12.

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The only unknown that remains to be resolved ahead of election night, according to all the polls, is the role that Vox will play in the next legislature. Whether or not you can force your entry into the Government. And while the PP is confident that it will add enough to stay out, ultra party sources repeat over and over again that they will take the fight to the end. The point is that for Vox not to reissue a second coalition would be a failure after breaking into the Castilian-Leon executive.

Hence the insistence that they will press until the last minute if they depend on their votes. Otherwise, they interpret in the PP, it will be shown that they can govern again without Vox and, for the first time with the exception of 4-M, Abascal’s party will puncture the Madrid woman.

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