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The spokesperson for Vox, Jorge Buxadé, has announced that his party will appeal “without seeing it” before the Constitutional Court the new Democratic Memory Law that this Tuesday the Government approved, for violation of “five or six” precepts of the Magna Carta, such as religious, ideological or academic freedom.

At a press conference at the headquarters of his party, Buxadé stressed that “no Parliament and no Government” have the right to “say in a coercive and totalitarian way what is true and what is a lie”, which is what he understands makes this rule regarding the period that includes the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship.

Moreover, the approval of this new legislation, which gives continuity to the 2007 Historical Memory Law, has been registered in the “regime of terror of freedoms that the President of the Government intends to impose, Pedro Sanchez“.

“I have already announced, without seeing it, because it must be made very clear, that we will go to the Constitutional Court for violation of five to six fundamental rights and freedoms of our Constitution,” the Vox spokesman proclaimed.

“A new outrage”

And this because it represents, he stressed, “a new outrage” to the postulates on ideological, religious, information, expression and academic freedom, all included in the Constitution.

Jorge Buxadé has taken advantage of his appearance to ask again for the resignation of the Executive and its president Pedro Sánchez before the “regime of terror” that he assures has imposed on families, small businesses and the self-employed and proof of which it is, he pointed out, the “illegal” confinement decreed thanks to the state of alarm.

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The recent ruling of the Constitutional Court that, at the request of Vox, has declared the first state of alarm to combat the pandemic contrary to the Magna Carta, also serves as an argument for this formation to reiterate to the PP, as the main opposition party, that must already present a motion of censure against Sánchez.

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