Vox makes it clear to Moreno that he will not give him a vote if he does not enter the Government in an uncomfortable debate for the ‘favorite’

Delirium: “Mental confusion characterized by hallucinations, repetition of absurd thoughts and incoherence & rdquor ;, says the Royal Academy of Language. “That is a delirium & rdquor;snapped the PP candidate, Juan Manuel Moreno, to Macarena Olona (Vox) the umpteenth time he asked her if they were going to agree and assured her that she would be president of the Andalusian Government, offering her the vice presidency.

That is what the Vox candidate continuously played, who radically changed her strategy after the failed debate a week ago, to make it clear that she wants to command, looking for all his adversaries with continuous provocations and exhausting Moreno, whom he did not stop cornering, to celebrate the PSOE, with the question of whether they were going to govern together and sign a coalition. He did not waste a second, until that time he used to extend his hand to the Chairman of the Board, look him in the eye looking for him to interact, tilt his head and say sarcastically: “Play some music & rdquor ;.

To Moreno, who brought the same presidential role that in the previous debate, flying over the controversies and not getting wet, he was seen this time more uncomfortable. He shrugged off the outstretched hand. Vox made it clear that he will not give you “free & rdquor; not a single vote, even though they are one seat away from the absolute majority. Moreno neither closed the door nor left it open.

The final debate on Canal Sur between the six candidates for the presidency of Andalusia had a spark, it was much more agile and more tense than the first, it was clear that it was decisive, almost the last chance to convince the undecided and the candidates who had the most to gain took risks and went on the offensive from the start. It was a success of the public channel, the one that Vox asked to suppress, but to which during the debate it was granted a pardon: Olona took the closure of Canal Sur out of his electoral promises.

C’s candidate, John Marin (Cs), had previously reminded him that it is the only public channel that broadcasts bullfights, horse programs, popular traditions and fishing. “Let’s see how you are going to explain it to your voters? & Rdquor ;, he said, the same one who shortly after got rid of Olona’s attack by asking her very seriously if she knew how to make French toast. Marín made a video during the pandemic cooking this Easter sweet and she made fun of him.

Vox guided the debate

Vox got a good part of the debate to revolve around him with two clear actions: direct attacks and ideological themes such as indoctrination in classrooms, sex education or homosexuality. Olona’s provocations did not go unnoticed by his opponents, who continually tried to redirect the debate but could not help but reply to certain approaches.

He confronted everyone, especially with Juanma Moreno, and with the candidate from Adelante Andalucía, Theresa Rodriguez, who called her “Iberdrolona”, because the Vox candidate has shares –“700 euros”, she clarified– in the energy company and “earns money every time the electricity goes up for citizens.” The leader of Vox wanted to set herself up as a defender of the workers of the Bay of Cádiz, recriminating that the leftist government sent the tank to stop the protests last November. “They were her voters, some of the rubber balls that the policemen threw had written ‘Long live Spain, long live Vox’ & rdquor ;, Rodríguez replied. Adelante Andalucía accused her of coming “as a young lady dressed as a worker & rdquor; and Olona made it clear that she is going for the vote of the countryside and the industrial areas of Andalusia punished by unemployment.

Both Moreno and Marín reproached Olona for speaking ill of Andalusia. “You don’t have to project a bad image & rdquor; of the community, they asked the president and vice president of the Board. “Andalusia is a serene, sensible land”added the leader of the Andalusian PP, who made it clear that his management has not been done at the expense of Pedro Sánchez, but with the funds transferred to a Spanish community that represents 18% of the country’s population, and accused the PSOE of wanting raise taxes on citizens.

The reproaches to Moreno from the left made him ugly that “he hides behind the inheritance (of the PSOE in the Board) and the Government of Spain & rdquor ;, he summed up Inma Grandson (For Andalusia). “You are in the top ten to return the money for employment to the State & rdquor ;, said the IU candidate, who was much more active than in the previous debate, with a more agile rhetoric and reviewing the key management issues of the regional Executive, from public health to education.

Juan Espadas (PSOE) accused the PP government of wanting to abolish free enrollment in public universities and wanting to change public health for credit cards. He joked that he was going to dress as a cow, to see if Moreno would answer his questions, and on several occasions he took the photo of the investiture agreement in an office of the Andalusian Parliament between PP and Vox. The socialist made it clear in the first round that he was going for it all. “How complacent, Mr. Moreno. So far the propagandaNow I’m going to tell you the truth & rdquor ;, he started on his turn. That truth she summed up in the Canal Sur workers “who have been denouncing manipulation and lies for four years” or “that of the Infoca firefighters, who were at the Sierra Bermeja fire the other day & rdquor ;, he assured, referring to the protests at the door.

And it is that the heat was not inconvenient for some 300 people to gather at the gates of Canal Sur in defense of his public employment. There were representatives from various public agencies, in forest firefighter uniforms, from the dependency agency, from Canal Sur. They are workers affected by Law 20/21, which transposes the European directive that forces Spain to cut the temporary nature of public jobs. The negotiations have left hundreds of employees out and dissatisfied with the workforce adjustments.

Inside, Moreno was delighted with the attacks, he said, from the right and left, because they push him to the center and moderation, where the majority of Andalusians are. “Do your debate, I’ll do mine & rdquor ;, he snapped at the Vox candidate. Espadas also had her hookup with Olona for the ere case and reproached him for “insulting the intelligence of Andalusians”, while she repeated non-stop that “680 million euros have been stolen”.


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Olona took advantage of the measure approved this Monday by the Government of Castilla y León, PP and Vox and which represents a 50% cut in public subsidies “to employers and unions & rdquor; (“more than 20 million euros”) to breastfeed. She then went to Moreno to reproach him for having lied, assuring that a book was out of circulation where it was “criminalized & rdquor; to the hunters. An edition that had been withdrawn by the Education inspectorate, according to the Board. Olona added the content of another textbook where masturbation is explained to children. “If someone approaches me in a park to talk about masturbation, I would call the National Police&rdquor ;, said the Vox candidate. “Do you want the book?” She asked Moreno. “No, thank you & rdquor ;, she replied. Teresa Rodríguez took advantage of that hitch to appeal to Woody Allen and remember that “masturbating is making love to the person you love the most” Y thus defending sexual education in the classroom in a closed way: “What remains is to return to those classrooms where the priests told the children that if they masturbate they would go blind.”

The only possibility of electoral overturning is in the undecided. The CIS Barometer published at the start of the electoral campaign indicated that in Andalusia there had been 35% of voters who had not decided their vote. 21.5% assured that they would decide during the last week of the electoral campaign, 5.6% would do so during the day of reflection and 9.6% on the day of the elections. They are the undecided where the parties refine in the final stretch to attract voters. Starting tomorrow, the campaign will go into discount time. As the popular expression says, in that countdown “the fish is sold”.

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