Vox fails and Olona obtains an irrelevant result for the future of Andalusia

Not one of Vox’s votes will be necessary for Juanma Moreno to revalidate the presidency of Andalusia. The absolute majority of the PP -56 seats- shattered this Sunday all the hopes of the ultra party to once again force its entry into an autonomous government and put a brake on the rate of growth that the formation of Santiago Abascal had been enjoying. Macarena Olona obtained 14 deputies -two more than in 2018-, disappointing the expectations with which she was sent by the party leadership to Andalusia: exceed 20 seats and emulate the feat of Castilla y León.

The reality was quite another. Olona was very far from the objectives that the formation had set. And, above all, with a result that will be irrelevant to the absolute majority of the PP. With few exceptions, such as the Galician elections of 2020 in which they did not obtain representation, it is one of the worst setbacks for the ultra formation, even more so with the special significance that Andalusia has, the first territory in which they achieved representation in the elections. institutions in 2018.


The cries of ‘vice president’ that were heard in Valladolid a few months ago when Abascal appeared alongside the then candidate in Castilla y León, Juan García Gallardo, were replaced this Sunday in Seville by lukewarm applause. Olona, ​​who arrived by car at the hotel and avoided contact with the dam, appeared before several hundred party members supported by the party’s national leadership. Not an Andalusian leader accompanied her. “Juan Manuel Moreno must be congratulated without any qualification for the result obtained that will allow him govern alone, something that we hope they know how to take advantage of,” he said.

“Andalusia has set foot on the wall and has said no to the Sánchez government and it has not been with the result that I would have liked,” continued Olona, ​​trying to divert attention to the national implications of these elections. “Indeed, Vox has been far from the great ambition we had for Andalusia, but Vox continues to grow and Vox celebrates these good results for Spain in a patriotic way,” Abascal said seconds later before warning that he will be “vigilant” if the PP “wasting” the absolute majority that the polls have granted him. “We ask for courage for real and profound change,” he concluded.

failed election

Between sad smiles, Olona confirmed that he will leave his minutes in the Congress of Deputies and that he is going to give himself “body and soul” to Andalusia from the regional Parliament. “Here he stays to fulfill his commitment, he stays with the full support of the management,” Abascal stressed.

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In view of the results, the election of Olona as a candidate is quite questionable. Despite her limited connection with the territory, the national leadership of Vox opted for her, one of her heavyweights in Congress, to fight Andalusia. But, the campaign did not start as expected. First, the controversial registration of Olona arose, born in Alicante, in the town of Salobreña, where she had barely spent a few days. And things didn’t get any better after that. The ultra leader has armed herself with Andalusian clichés to defend herself from criticism and the televised debates have not been her strong point. The concern generated by Olona’s performance in the first debate led the party leadership to empty the candidate’s agenda for several days during the campaign.

The result has been diametrically opposed to what the formation obtained in Castilla y León just over four months ago. With a totally unknown candidate, Juan García Gallardo, the ultras went from one proxy to 12. The Vox brand was more than enough to boost the results at the polls and be essential for the governability of the territory. However, Olona does not seem to have been able to take advantage of that inertia.

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