Vox-A breaches Abascal’s order to break with Juanma Moreno and supports his proposals

The first plenary session after the holidays of the Andalusian Parliament, held in two sessions, has revealed the return to the normal parliamentary post after the pandemic, as the presence of the 109 deputies.

But it has also shown that the words of Santiago Abascal on August 31, assuring that Vox “has broken all contact “ with the Government of Juanma Moreno they have not come true: the parliamentary group of its formation has returned from the summer supporting the initiatives presented by the regional Executive.

The formation of Abascal, then, has revealed another circumstance that is on the way to normality, since it’s not the first time that announces a break with the Andalusian Government that later is not such. It has supported the two decree laws presented, so they have gone ahead without problems. In their endorsements they have also included the ratification of the creation of the Trade Agency, which merges several entities of the instrumental administration of the socialist era. The measure had the support of all parliamentary groups and the rejection of the PSOE.

The session ratified a first decree law, the one relating to the modification of various measures, as a consequence of the situation caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19), and which had the votes of all parliamentary groups and the abstention of the non-attached deputy.

The decree that regulates the postponement and special rationing of the payment of debts of local entities was also approved and other collection regulations are established. The initiative received the support of the groups Popular, Ciudadanos, Vox, and the non-attached deputies, and the abstention of the groups Socialista and Unidas Podemos.

Although Vox’s strategy in Andalusia is squeeze but don’t drown to the Andalusian executive, the spokesman of the group, Manuel Gavira, in the Control Session, did end up harshly questioning the president, Juanma Moreno. He did so by formulating a question addressed to the regional leader regarding the external audits of the instrumental sector.

Gavira reminded the president of the Board of the moment in which “if he saw himself outside, he saw himself as president of Andalusia thanks to the 400,000 Andalusians who voted for Vox”, and then made him look ugly that the governance agreement between PP, Cs and Vox passed for “eliminating the superfluous expense and lift rugs ”.

Despite having voted in favor in the same plenary session the ratification of the creation of the Public Business Agency for the Transformation and Economic Development of Andalusia, the entity that merges four instrumental entities from the socialist era, Gavira he claimed that “about the Trade Agency it’s a paripe”. Also that “The Study Commission, three-quarters of the same”, referring to the participatory body in which the only to discuss what to do and what to remove from parallel administration, and that did not go ahead for him vox rejection, who aligned himself with the PSOE and Podemos and voted against, as he would reproach then Juanma Moreno.

In his response, the president of the Junta de Andalucía stated that “now we are entering the public function by merit and ability, and that is evident ”, and stressed that his commitment is firm“ for rationalization, regeneration and transparency, and more in instrumental administration ”.

Moreno emphasized that “there is no administration in this country that has made such an evaluation” as the one carried out by the current executive, and indicated that “we created a Study Commission to listen to all political forces with light and stenographers, and you they blocked this commission aligning itself with the left ”.

“Go to Swords”

The Vox spokesman, for his part, maintained in his turn to reply that “for us to lower taxes and kick out the Socialists is not change”, and demanded that he end the parallel administration “as soon as possible”, so as not to be “a spare instead of a change ”.

Manuel Gavira, during his question time to the president, Juanma Moreno.

Manuel Gavira, during his question time to the president, Juanma Moreno.


Manuel Gavira went further and threatened: “If you do not comply, go to Mr. Espadas”, referring to the executive turning to the PSOE to obtain the necessary support to approve the Andalusian budgets. Vox’s demand is, the spokesperson summed up, that “all plugged in, to the street.” And he ventured that, if he did not do so, “perhaps that is the payment – to the Andalusian PSOE – not to speak of tricks.”

Moreno then intensified his response. “Mr. Gavira, before Vox there were more things in life. Who denounced in solitude and took the issue -of socialist corruption- to the courts? “, He argued, before demanding” a I respect to the trajectory of the popular group ”.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía reiterated that the path that the executive PP-Cs is going to undertake with respect to administration ‘B’ of the Junta de Andalucía has begun with a simplification plan “That you cannot like it because you would like more speed.”

Likewise, the roadmap regarding the parallel administration will continue to act “with transparency and with rules, so that it does not happen again.” Finally, Moreno indicated that “if what you want is to accelerate the pace, send us your proposal and we will study it ”.

It should be remembered that the Andalusian executive has explained on several occasions the difficulty of dispense with those employees who went to work in the instrumental entities for their links with the PSOE.

“The Board is not going to throw out anyone who has a acquired right”, Indicated the vice president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Marín, when the audits of the parallel administration were presented, warning that, to do so, it would be illegal. Yes, the “plugged in that they have to be thrown because the entity in which they are has to be extinguished ”, declared Marin last August in an interview with Daily of Sevilla.


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