Volatility in markets will continue in the medium term: Biva

María Ariza, general director of the Institutional Stock Exchange (Biva), estimated that the current volatility in the stock markets will not be temporary, but will remain in the medium term, for which she said that investors must be patient and take advantage of the opportunities. that arise in a bear market.

“We believe that a recovery is definitely coming, but in the medium term, hopefully it will be sooner than we all anticipate, but I do believe that we must be patient,” anticipated the general director of the stock market.

At the ceremony for the issuance of sustainable bonds for 3,000 million pesos of Grupo Financiero Mega, a regulated multiple purpose financial company, María Ariza explained that the volatility that is being observed in the markets derives from the effects of the inflation that we are experiencing. at a global level, which has been “totally imported and quite severe”, with no immediate solution in sight.

Also, he said, due to the increase in interest rates, coupled with the fact that the geopolitical conflict in Europe increased volatility and has caused problems in the supply of raw materials and energy, which generates greater pressure on supply chains.

This double affectation is generating that today there are very volatile markets and investors looking for refuge assets. So we have to be patient, I don’t think this is going to be resolved immediately,” reiterated María Ariza.

This year, the main index of the Institutional Stock Exchange, the FTSE-Biva, accumulates a drop of 3.48 percent.

“I believe that such critical moments have been experienced in the history of the market and I believe that this is one of the critical ones, however, we have been able to recover over time. We believe that it is an opportunity to revalue our portfolio, find those assets that may be interesting to incorporate them and buy them today, when they are at a discount”, added Ariza.

Regarding issues, he considered that we are in a difficult time because investors are looking for lower-risk assets, however, placements continue to take place.

Such is the case of Mega, which with its inaugural sustainable bond positioned itself as the first non-bank financial institution in Latin America to carry out this type of placement. The resources will be used to fund projects with a positive environmental impact and that promote the generation of employment, empowerment and socioeconomic development in Mexico.

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