The multinational financial services Visaachieved a 13.30% increase in its net income for 2021 as it went from 10,886 in 2020 to $ 12,311 million, according to its latest financial report.

For their part, the income of the company reached $ 24.105 million and increased by 10.34%, in 2021, figures compared to the previous year.

“Over the past year, in fiscal 2021, our revenue, net income and earnings per share at double-digit rates have grown. We continue to gain momentum through consumer payments, new flows and value-added services, while striving to diversify our revenue,” says Alfred. F. Kelly, CEO of the company.

“By using our network of networks, we are working to make it easy for everyone to move money seamlessly and safely. We are deepening current relationships and laying the groundwork for future growth by renewing existing partnerships. “

His gross income$ 11,500 million is derived from the use of visa cards for service payments, $ 12.8 billion is earned from authorization, cleaning, settlement, value-added services, network access and other maintenance and support services that facilitate transaction and information processing.

In turn, $ 6,500 million is earned through cross-border transaction processing and currency conversion activities, while the remaining $ 1,700 million is primarily related to value-added services, license fees for trademark use or technology. Visa.

The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchangeand this Thursday its shares rose 0.14% at the close of the stock market, placing its titles at a level of $ 206.15 each.

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