Villarejo and everything that got out of hand, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

From the creator of ‘Little Scare for Catalonia’ comes, twenty-four hours later, ‘It got out of hand’ and ‘The appearance that Catalonia needs the protection of the State’. In fact, they are not newly created episodes, but ‘remakes’ of previous seasons, with regular recurrences and variations. It is the same thing that Civil Guard Captain Gómez Nieto said, for example, when Colonel Perote, from the Cesid, in a private conversation, brought up ‘the subject of Zabalza’, the disappearance (still to be clarified) of the young Basque from the Intxaurrondo barracks. Gómez Nieto replied: “I think they’ve gotten out of hand.” That is Zabalza died at the police station during interrogation. It is a matter of having a hand in a job that dirty hands, by definition, and that, on occasions, implies exceeding and not controlling the consequences of the scare, because things go as they go and when you have the long hand (metaphorical or real) appearances end up being certainties that disgust you. The stench that Villarejo emits is putrid, but the daub affects us as a society. We evoke ghosts with black hands, hidden and terrifying; we need clean hands to deal with infection.

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