Vigil held to remember lives lost to COVID-19


A vigil was held at the Legislative Building to honor those who lost their lives related to COVID-19 on Saturday.

It’s been two years since the first presumptive case of COVID-19 was identified in Saskatchewan.

Organizers said the vigil is a way for people to remember their loved ones.

“I thought it was important to honor and remember those lives lost to remember them as human beings and to show compassion to their family and friends,” said Deb Nyczai.

Over 1,100 Saskatchewan residents have lost their lives related to COVID-19.

Nyczai adds it is important to understand the humanity of the situation, saying everyone knows someone who has been affected by the virus.

“It’s not somebody directly related to us that has passed. It’s maybe a colleague, maybe a friend, a friend of a friend, even we all know somebody who knows somebody,” said Nyczai.

Religious leaders from a number of congregations within the city and Peepeekisis First Nation elder Lorna Standingready were also in attendance to offer blessings and prayers.

“Folk were invited from a number of faiths and folks of no faith could gather together to share our prayer, in remembrance of those who have suffered in lost ones from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Rev.Cam Fraser.

“The vigil is in remembrance of those who we have lost and I have lost family members and the hardest part was not being bale to be there and partake I ceremonies,” saidStandingready

Nyczai said it’s important to realize that lives lost to COVID-19 can’t be just a number.

“We don’t want to forget that these are people with families and faces and they’ve had lives and they’re a loss to our society as well,” said Nyczai.

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