Videos of the war in Ukraine to better understand the thread of events

Since last night in Quebec, or rather very early this morning at local time, Ukraine has been under Russian attack. After several hours of combat between the two armed forces, which left several people injured and dead, which saw military sites and buildings destroyed, videos illustrating the tragedy quickly found their way onto social networks.

Here are some of them, verified and from reliable journalistic sources.

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1. After the invasion of eastern Ukraine, bombs and missiles are launched all over the country. The attacks are heard by all in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

The ABC News television channel presented the first explosions in images. This happened almost at the same time as the broadcast of President Vladimir Putin’s speech announcing the launch of his “military operation”, around 6 a.m. (or 10 p.m. in Quebec).

2. On the main square of Kiev, Ukrainian army tanks are mobilized to resist the Russian invasion.

3. The Russian air force hit residential areas. In this video shared by independent media, a home is hit and children cry in response.

4. Air raid sirens sound as a refugee convoy hits traffic on the outskirts of Kiev. “Everything is very, very real now,” adds the journalist.

5. This attack was filmed in the Chuguevsky district, 30 km from Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. There are victims, according to Nexta media from Belarus.

6. After the first explosions and attacks, Ukrainians rushed to the borders to flee the country.

7. Hundreds of people, including many women and children, take shelter in a metro station in Kharkiv, Ukraine, as explosions erupt around the city.

8. Here we can hear the sounds of the battle for control of Antonov airport west of Kiev from the town of Bucha, located three kilometers away. The airport has been seized by Russian paratroopers, and the Ukrainian army is trying to push them back.

9. In resistance to the Russian government’s attack, anti-war protesters take to the streets of Moscow, proving that many reject the Kremlin’s aggression against Ukraine.

10. These images are in the first released from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, captured. The facilities of the nuclear power plant are now controlled by the Russian armed forces.


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