VIDEO | This was the ‘narcopiso’ that revolted the Poble Sec

  • The neighbors of the area is they manifested daily to protest the drug sale in the place where this Thursday two people were arrested

The Mossos d’Esquadra and the Urban Guard intervened this thursday in a narcopiso of neighborhood of Poble Sec, in Barcelona, ​​after the proliferation of neighborhood complaints, which picked up THE NEWSPAPER. The neighbors of the area is they manifested daily to protest the drug sale in the premises, located at number 26 of the street of Prick, which was illegally occupied.

The premises, measuring just 50 square meters, still have remains of garbage, dilapidated furniture and other objects after being evicted. Its owners, an older couple, have preferred not to touch anything until the insurance expert arrived so that he could fully assess the damages although this Thursday, once the police operation ended, they sealed the access and changed the locks.

In one of the rooms of the premises there are stacked shelves and others slats made of wood with words written in marker and red footprints can be seen all over the floor. Similarly, there is a bed base abandoned and remains of other furniture waiting to be disposed of by the owners once the insurance quantifies the damage.

During the operation this Thursday, the agents also intervened in another nearby apartment, on Blesa Street, where they detained four other people.

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According to the versions of the neighbors, in the place there were always noises and people. The robberies, fights and the bad environment became increasingly apparent around the local occupation. Now, the remains of the activities that took place inside are reflected on the walls and in the dirt that piles up.

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