Video: the UME flies over the lava rivers of the La Palma volcano that have destroyed 690 buildings

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The Cumbre Vieja volcano of La Palma keeps expelling lava uncontrollably after this Monday he stopped his activity for a few hours.

Ehe volcano of La Palma has entered a effusive phase, what you mean will have less explosions and the main cone will have less prominence, so that the expulsion of the lava, which is now more viscous, concentrates on a mouth that is outside the cone.

The new lava is from Hawaiian type, more fluid and with greater ability to move, has indicated the spokesman of the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan), David Calvo, believes that the new. In its wake, almost 690 buildings and farmland have been destroyed, as seen in a video of the Military Emergency Unit.

The new lava comes out of a small crater, from a mouth that emits less ash and fewer pyroclasts than the main emitting center and although it is difficult to form its own cone, squirt “awesome” of lava, said the Involcan spokesman.

Smoother lava has always come out of that mouth, but late on Monday afternoon “He began to vomit lava nonstop“, David Calvo has commented.

In another video, this time from the Geological and Mining Institute of Spaina, the velocity of this type of lava is observed, which threatens the area of ​​Tazacorte.

Faster to reach the sea

That the lava is more fluid makes it have more movement capacity and occupying land, and as it is less dense it will move less forcedly, it will not make the “walls” of its predecessor and being faster will facilitate the arrival at sea.
The new lava has overlapped with the previous lava flows but it is also trying to progress, although as it goes towards the slope, the arms that try to separate end up joining, the Involcan spokesperson said.
This new lava has the easy way when going over previous casts.

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