VIDEO | Spectacular evacuation of a patient through a balcony in Sant Antoni (Barcelona)

  • The firefighters have assisted the SEM with a large autoscale to transfer a person who, due to his overweight, could not be carried on a stretcher from a height of one sixth

Firefighters, ambulances and Guardia Urbana have staged this morning in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni a spectacular evacuation of a sick person from the balcony of a royal sixth high in a royal estate in the Eixample district. The operation has attracted dozens of neighbors on the street, initially believing that it was a fire.

The events took place shortly before twelve noon, when the Sistema d’Emergències Mèdiques (SEM) attended a home on Mistral avenue with Viladomat. Once they verified that the sick person had to be transferred to a hospital, they were able to verify that due to the height of the house it was impossible to lower them on a stretcher and in a horizontal position down the stairs of the farm.

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At that time, reports the city council, they have requested municipal collaboration to “the transfer of a sick overweight person”. Five fire crews and the Urban Guard have been sent for them, who have perimeterd the area and orchestrated the operation.

The firefighters have deployed a large autoscale as a crane up to a height of six floors, where firefighters have fixed a stretcher, which has begun a slow horizontal descent to the street. Once on the sidewalk, the medical team has assisted her and the firefighters have been able to install her in the ambulance for her rapid transfer to a hospital. The many gathered at street level who have followed the entire intervention and witnessed that he was aware, have applauded the skill of the agents.

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