Video captures Ontario father stopping thief from stealing vehicle with his baby inside

Video has captured the intense moment an Ontario father stopped a person from stealing his car, with his child in the backseat, from the driveway of his home.

Peel police said the incident occurred in Brampton, in the area of ​​Chinguacousy Road and Queen Street Weston, on Sunday around 12:30 pm

According to police, the father put his young child in the car before he went back into his house to get another child.

Video, taken from the family’s home security system, shows an unknown person run up to his SUV while he’s inside.

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When the father comes back, he notices the person entering his vehicle.

The suspect then reverses the vehicle down the driveway, with the father standing beside the passenger door.

To Brampton, Ont. father managed to fend off a man trying to steal his car from the driveway of his home. (Supplied)

At the edge of the driveway, the thief brings the vehicle to a stop. He can then be seen jumping out of the car and running to a waiting vehicle.

With no one behind the wheel, the car, with the child inside, is then seen inching up on the driveway, eventually hitting the garage door.

The suspect can be seen approaching the car in this home surveillance video. (Supplied)

The family told CTV News Toronto on Wednesday they are shaken up, but no one was hurt physically in the incident.

The suspect has not been arrested, police say.

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