Video | A pickpocket rips a watch off a tourist in broad daylight on Via Laietana

  • The Mossos have been required for this episode at two in the afternoon and the victim has only suffered scratches

The victimapparently it is a tourist middle-aged who resists as best he can. Given the passivity of the rest of the citizens and the perplexity of being attacked in broad daylight on a Sunday in the center of Barcelona and while walking down a street busy with cars and pedestrians. But he finally relents, and the pickpocket who assaults him achieves his purpose and flees.

It is a new case of ‘watchmaker’ that has been registered this Sunday at two in the afternoon in Via Laietana, with the square Ramon Berenguer the Great and the Barcelona’s cathedral behind their backs. In the video captured by a citizen, it can be seen how the thief pouncing on the touristthat both they fall invading the road of the cars -which could have ended in something much more serious for the integrity of both, that nobody helps the victim and that, after being threatened with a raised fist by a corpulent criminal, the man surrenders. The ‘watchmaker’ gives one last tug and, then yes, the past of the strap gives way and takes over his watch.

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The Mossos d’Esquadra They confirm that they are investigating the incident and that the piece is valued at around 200 euros, far from the most notorious violent robberies in recent weeks. Although the agents who have attended the tourists have tried to look for the suspect, it has not been possible. Images like the one in this video may allow him to be identified. The tourist has suffered only scratches and superficial injuries.

The Catalan police have created a specialized unit for this type of crime, which is on the rise in the city despite the efforts of the Mossos and the Guardia Urbana.

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