Vida, dolor y obra, by Josep Cuní

“It is the magic of fiction and also the horror of the real. What life has always been is what is right, let alone those who follow it & rdquor ;. This is what I wrote before this week hizo compatible the literary explosion with the trauma gone. Who designed hechisos to overrule the repulsion. Who quizzes, on some occasion, thinks “that the life passes long, that I do not find & rdquor; to ahuyentar the demonic parapetados in the somnolent part of his cerebro. Alli donans descansan the secrets that are thought to be elaborate to that he desires to demand his presence to mark life, alter emotions, suppress illusions and frustrate desires.

This is what hizo Alejandro Palomas (Barcelona, ​​1967) lasting more than 40 years. The myth of the existence that mantuvo occult sufridos sexual abusers a ocho en el Colegio La Salle de Premià de Mar and that this week has been exposed with the details of the brutal realism trained by the literary dominion. And while the proprietary oppression has invited them to follow suit, women are being silenced. The same silences that the writer admits to search and find to complete the 50. Pero entonces discover that “when they call the fire, they try to get rid of the tooth & rdquor; because “one of the things of the madurez is that the silence is good for who eres & rdquor ;.

Creyó haberlo followed when he received the 2018 Nadal Prize for ‘Un amor’. The effect that only felt on one of his dogs, Rulfo, failed the same year. According to his writing: “Now he is a man – or so he says – and there is a dog who does not die. A green land that has no walls. A green dog that looks only to see me and hopes in the other ear when he cruises & rdquor ;.

The news of emotions that provoked the testimony of the poet also read in aid of the politicians who at the time were appointing a parliamentary commission to investigate such abuse accumulated as a distraction. And his lament for the recalcitrant socialist position of the empire to write a tuit directed at President Sanchez in that, tras desnudar su dolor hace décadas & rdquor ;, reivindicaba: & rdquor; Somos Memoria Histórica enterrada en vida. Denos usted la voz & rdquor ;.

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Y voz se hizo. Like the verb carne and the verse prose. Alejandro Palomas has a citation in Moncloa. Alli has to approve the assignment which explains why it always cost to find a partner. “I did not feel the focus of Nadie’s curiosity. No genero preguntas y eso me hace sentir fatal & rdquor ;. Ni siquiera when approving the ecos of the premium literary development haber sufrido ‘bullying’ much time. For that matter, when it comes to the President, the Advocate General:

This quiz is the opportunity for the Spanish Episcopal Conference to take place in France. The couple with papa francisco deseo de no ocular nada and facilitates the transparency that pervades the current affairs of La Salle profoundly avergonzados de quienes, bajo el mismo idierio, además de pecar de obra lo hicieron de omission compoandos como blanqueados blanqueados y manchando una religiosa más. To increase the pain of the creators.

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