Victoria Federica: “My grandfather is my favorite person”

  • The eldest granddaughter of the king emeritus has granted her first interview to the magazine ‘Elle’

  • In addition to revealing his tastes and some memories, he has spoken openly about his family

Victoria Federica, daughter of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar, He has granted his first interview to the magazine ‘Elle’, where he has talked about everything, from his tastes, his memories, his family…

“I want to show myself to people so that they see me as I am, because the image that is spread of me is not the true one”, The 21-year-old begins by saying that she opened her Instagram account to the public five months ago.

“I have the same concerns as any girl my age,” she says in her first photo session for a medium. She defines herself as a girl”very strict and disciplined” and assures that he likes “doing things well”, which is why he achieves everything he sets out to do. This imposition is one of the values ​​that he has learned thanks to his family, whom he values ​​above all else. Nothing makes her happier than spending “quality time with them”.

And he confesses that from his mother he has inherited the love for Andalusia and “Flamenco”, while from his father, the passion for fashion and Haute Couture.

She always carries “her cell phone, a lipstick and a mask” in her bag. And she emphasizes that she never tires of visiting Seville, since Andalusia for her is her “second home”, and that her favorite museum is the Reina Sofía. When it comes to enjoying free time, King Felipe’s niece assures that “a ‘hobby’ with which I disconnect a lot is horseback riding”.

In relation to her tastes, King Felipe’s niece chooses Parcheesi as her favorite board game and the red heart as the emoji she uses the most.

During the Interview, ‘Vic‘, which is what she likes to be called, has spoken openly about her family: “The women I admire the most are my mother and my grandmother,” he affirms, but makes it clear that the most special person in his life is the king emeritus. He loves it. He acknowledges that he is “a reference” in his life: “He’s my favorite person in the world.”. For her, her grandfather is someone key in her career, “I consider him my second father, but also for many people in Spain he has been important,” points out and highlights that many people approach her to tell her how much they admire her grandfather, whom she misses very much.

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“We haven’t been together for a long time, but I talk to him a lot,” he acknowledges and adds: “He is still my biggest source of inspiration. It will be until I die.” He even refers to the role that the monarch has had in the history of Spain: “I just want my grandfather’s dedication to this country to be valued.”

Such is the affection he feels for Juan Carlos that even he has gotten a tattoo in his honor: a sailboat that he wears on his right ankle. Finally, she mentions the wise advice that her grandfather has given her and that she takes into account every day: “Let me be myself in everything I do,” she concludes.

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