A teacher meets an 8-year-old girl with signs of abuse at the school where she is going to be replaced, and so she decides to kidnap her to live together as a mother and daughter. The argument will sound familiar to you because it is the same as the series Turkish ‘Anne’, which has achieved great success here with the title of ‘Mother’, which would be the beginning of a passion for soap operas made in this country. Cosmo premieres the French version‘Saving Lisa’It is Thursday, 27 (22:00).

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And it is that ‘Anne’ is no more than a adjustment, one of the 12 exported around the world (in countries such as South Korea, Thailand, China…) from the Japanese series that tells this fable about motherhood, family relationships, abandonment by their parents, the obvious child abuse and finally love.

The French star Caroline Anglade, in the role of the teacherRose Keller, y Capucine Sainson-Fabresse, es the 11-year-old girl who plays Lisa while the Spanish actress Victoria Abril plays her mother, Isabel. The French media praised this fiction for its ability to mix drama, ‘thriller’ and comedy. On top of that, they highlighted their careful production, with the magnificent natural landscapes of the south of France as scenarios, and the exceptional interpretations of the three actresses.


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