Toronto police are warning people about an online scam that has defrauded multiple victims of thousands of dollars.

Victims of swindle they have been running since January, Toronto police told the Star.

One of the victims lost $ 58,000, police said.

The scammer contacts the victim and tells her he needs remote access to the victim’s computer, according to police. Some of the reasons scammers provide include bank security issues, software troubleshooting, and investment opportunities like cryptocurrencies, police said.

Victims are then encouraged to download a free application called “Anydesk” that gives the scammer remote access to the victim’s computer. The victim is then asked to log into their bank account, and once they do, the scammer withdraws money from the victim’s account.

“Users often have their login information stored within their web browser. This information is automatically filled in when certain websites are loaded. This allows the scammer unrestricted access to your information online, ”Toronto police said in a press release.

Those who believe they are victims of this scam are encouraged to file a report with their local police department.

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