Verónica Forqué will have a park in Chamartín

  • The ill-fated actress receives an emotional tribute a month after her death

One month after the death of Verónica Forque, the Madrid district of Chamartín has paid tribute to the deceased actress by baptizing a park with her name, which until today had no name, and which it is located next to Víctor de la Serna street, where the artist lived when she was found dead on December 13.

The initiative, which has been unanimously approved by all the political parties, has also had the support of Forqué’s daughter, Maria Iborra, as well as figures of the stature of Ana Belén and her husband, Víctor Manuel, Juan Echanove, Miguel Ríos and the writer Maruja Torres, among others.

Mar Barberán, councilor for training, announced the initiative through her social networks: “Verónica Forqué has been an essential actress in the culture of our country. His work has been a gift to most and deserves a permanent memory.. For this reason, from More Madrid we propose that a park in his neighborhood bear his name,” he wrote.

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The apartment of the ill-fated interpreter, 66, on Víctor de la Serna street was previously the family home of her parents, the film director José María Forqué and Carmen Vázquez-Vigo.

Since the sad event, the tributes to the protagonist of ‘Kika’ have followed one another like the one that the winner of four Goya awards received at the Spanish Theater. Acquaintances moved there personalities from the television industry, cinema, culture and politics, who accompanied the artist’s family and paid her a well-deserved tribute.

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