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how sad it gives me having to write this sentence in the past tense. Verónica Forqué was not crazy, I was sick. And this is what happens when we don’t take mental illness seriously. That sick people commit suicide. We should not be afraid to say it. We have to face this taboo and say things as they are. There are diseases that cause so much pain that one prefers to take one’s life to stop suffering rather than continue living. Apart from the emotional pain, we add to it the fact that society wants those who suffer from a mental illness to behave as if they did not have it. I am sure that, if Verónica Forqué had been ill with cancer, or had broken both legs due to a car accident, they would not open a proposal to compete in Masterchef. But when the illness is mental, It seems that you have to show with all your strength that you can do everything.

It didn’t take very smart to figure out the signals the actress sent us. Mood swings, aggressiveness, irascibility and that disheveled face. But what did we do for her? Any. Just watch her. In the program they kept her until she petó and voluntarily left. In the networks they called her crazy and laughed at her. Let’s take note. We must take great care of the mentally ill and not stigmatize them or demand what they cannot give us. They should not be treated as if they were not sick.

Miki Nadal said: “This edition will be remembered as the Verónica Forqué & rdquor; edition. Unfortunately, it will. The edition that ended the life of Verónica if you allow me the clarification. Because, although we cannot blame the program alone, those of us who do or have worked in the world of television know how cruel it can be. The pressure, the demand and now on top of the ‘haters’. Veronica has left and He has taught us a lesson that we cannot forget. This is what happens when we do not take care of the mentally ill, who die. And if we do nothing, we are accomplices. The time has come to tackle the silent pandemic of suicide.

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