The Venezuelan opposition has decided to break with three years of boycott and calls for abstention. The Round Table of Democratic Unity (MUD), which brings together the main opposition parties, announced at a press conference in Caracas on Tuesday, August 31, its participation in the elections of mayors and governors scheduled for November 21 .

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“We know that these elections will be neither fair nor conventional. The dictatorship has imposed serious obstacles that endanger the expression of change by the Venezuelan people ”, nevertheless underlines the text read by the MUD.

“However, we understand that they will be a useful field of struggle to achieve the real solution to the serious crisis our country is going through: free presidential and legislative elections”, he concludes.

Talks started

The opposition boycotted the 2018 presidential election, where President Nicolas Maduro was re-elected, and the 2020 legislative elections, losing Parliament, the only power it had controlled since 2015.

She had chosen to withdraw each time, considering that these two ballots, which she had qualified as “Fraudulent”, did not meet the electoral guarantees of partiality.

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The announcement comes as the government of Mr. Maduro and the opposition have started talks in Mexico, mediated by Norway, to arrive at the development of an electoral calendar with institutional guarantees in exchange for the lifting of elections. international sanctions. These local elections revealed cracks in the opposition, several of whose leaders broke ranks and began to campaign against the candidates of the ruling party.

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